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"Comprendre et Parler" is gesubsidieerd door de GGC

"Comprendre et Parler" est subventionné par la COCOM

"Comprendre et Parler" receive funds from the COCOM-GGC


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Fédération des Centres de Réadaptation Ambulatoire a.s.b.l.

Federatie van Centra voor Ambulante Revalidatie v.z.w.

"Comprendre et Parler" asbl est membre de la Fédération des Centres de Réadaptation Ambulatoire

"Comprendre et Parler" is a member of the Federation of Ambulatory Rehabilitation Centers

"Comprendre et Parter" vzw is lid van de Federatie van Centra voor Ambulante Revalidatie

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Careful management has meant the Centre’s financial situation since 1999 has been a healthier one. Whilst its graver financial worries may be a thing of the past the situation is still somewhat fragile because it is dependent on aid coming from outside sources.


The Centre survives on subsidies granted by COCOM-GGC and from gifts that are tax deductible. These subsidies are paid by the Mutualities (health insurance companies) on the basis of each single daily service provided to any child by the team. These subsidies have been calculated in the framework of a convention with COCOM-GGC that however only recognises part of the work the Centre actually performs. Other aspects just as necessary or useful are not valued in the way these calculations are reached for any subsidy – examples being ongoing support and training for other professionals in the schools and crèches where deaf children are mainstreamed, teacher training, travel expenses to where the child may be located …

The Centre is firmly resolved to maintain the highest possible quality in all it can do with the children and their families – and this means cutting back on none of these aspects of what it deems required in daily practice. For this reason it is constantly in need of supplementary financial resources in order to fund a maximum range of activities as independently as possible.